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Free Show Tonight!

Dumpster Tequila Summer Kickoff!

The members of Dumpster Tequila are starting the summer off right! With a "House Party" suitable for Kid 'N Play! Come celebrate the summer with your favorite musical improv team and special guests UCB Harold Team The Opera, the vivacious ladies of Bombardo, all hosted by John Flynn (The Same Sex-Tacular and Nights of Our Lives)!

Stephen Sondheim does it, but it takes him years. Andrew Lloyd Webber does it, but it takes him years, then his cats erase it from his piano. Dumpster Tequila does it on the spot! Dumpster Tequila creates a 30 minute musical based off of one audience suggestion. All the music is made up, all the lyrics are made up, all the dialogue is made up, and sometimes we dance a little, that's made up too!

Saturday June 12, 2010
Free Show
10:00 PM
The Creek
10-93 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101

John Flynn

The Opera is
Ellena Chmielewski
Don Fanelli
Michael Kayne
Johnny McNulty
Opus Moreschi
Nathan Russell
Laura Willcox
Moujan Zolfaghari

Bombardo is
Emily Askin
Chelsea Clarke
Emily Felt
Marcy Jarreau
Beth Newell
Erica Warnock

Dumpster Tequila is
Patty Devery
Brian Waters
Maggie Lehrman
Evan Watkins
Kerry McGuire
Jason Saenz

Musical Director
Joel Esher

Come on out to The Creek and get the summer started off right!
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